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Having problems with your plants? Is your plant showing you unhealthy signs of growth? Then this product is for you! Tropical and houseplants need humidity to survive and thrive, so if you're sick of spray misting every day, this double nozzle battery-powered plant humidifier will do all the work for you. Just fill it up with water, turn it on, and let your plants thrive!     

Our best features:  


Battery Powered (Rechargeable)

The addition of a 2000mAh rechargeable battery to the Atmostick Ultra makes it fully portable and ready to wirelessly take care of your plants.


Noise Free

Utilizing ultrasonic innovation, we have accomplished to make our humidifier as peaceful and noiseless as possible.

Double Power

 We have designed the Atmostick Ultra with two nozzles, making it a humidifier powerhouse.

Warm Night Light

Our soft and warm nightlight keeps your plant babies company through the night!  

Large Capacity Water Tank

Fill up your Atmostick Ultra with water, turn it on, and go ahead with your day not worrying about your plant babies being taken care of. With the 300 ml capacity water tank, filling up water frequently is no longer an issue!



    Material: ABS + PC

    Size: about 168x78mm/6.61x3.07in

    Applicable area: 10-20㎡

    Water tank capacity: 300mL

    Timing function: Single Spray: 6 Hours

                                      Double Spray: 3 Hours

    Rated voltage: DC5.0V

    Rated power: 3W

    Spray volume: 60-90mL/h

    The Atmostick Ultra comes with a USB cable and 2 filters